Hear I Rant Jamaica

Wanna dance? Change the tune.

President Barack Obama is quickly finding out that bipartisanship doesn’t work if one party is the republicans.  The definition of idiot is to do the same thing time and time again but still expect the same result. I just don’t know how the democrats can again seek to work in a bipartisan way with the republicans and expect that one day the republicans are going to end up not stabbing them in the back.

Obama has reached out to the republicans on the issue of fixing the American economy.    He even reached out to John McCain who during the election campaign, had no idea what was happening with either the American or global economy.  Now even McCain is coming out with some garbled crap about why he is not supporting Obama’s economic plan.

The republicans is falling back on their old staple, more tax cuts.  Tax cuts.  Hmm, where did I hear that before?  Oh yes, the same tax cuts that bankrupted the Clinton-left behind surplus within 6 months of Bush taking power in 2001.

Tax cuts don’t help the poor.  It is part of the delusional republican-driven philosophy of’ trickle-down economics’… which has never ever trickled down. The rich never trickle-down anything to the poor.  In fact, the more they have is the more they want, and that includes taking more from the poor in they can.

Obviously the republicans have not seen that just this week, another 70,000 employees will soon be categorised as unemployed, another group of people that tax cuts don’t help.  

Obama had better forget the republicans.  He cannot work with them because they will not work with anyone but themselves.  They have a one-track mind, enriching the rich for whom they work… making the poor poorer, because they naturally have so much contempt for them. 

The way things are moving, the fallout in the economic system is just an indication that capitalism is dying.  Move along, folks.  There’s nothing to see here but your usual train wreck.

Those like the republicans who want to hold onto stale and worn ideas from a stale, worn and predatory economic philosophy, will eventually fall by the wayside.   The United States does need change.  The new breed of ‘entrepreneurs’ are so addicted, so wedded to greed now, that they won’t be weaned of it.

Case in point: many banks filed for bailouts last September and years of mismanaging their customers deposits.   They got a bailout from the Bush regime (with the complicity of the democratic houses), with little or no consequences for misuse.

The so-called insistence that the money given to them would be used to make loans to unfreeze the credit market and help the economy.. didn’t happen, won’t happen.  The banks instead decided to hold unto the money, spend it on themselves extravagantly and use the leftover to take advantages of the worsen economic system.  

Predatory advantage, no doubt… like instead of making a loan available for you to save your home or business, they will let you fail and buy your holding for cents on the dollar.  Way to go guys.  Big heart.


Just in.   A 93 year old Michigan man froze to death when his utility company cut his electricity in a middle of a snowstorm.   Now the company is going to re-evaluate its policy.   Riiiiiiight.

Many republicans who had previously said that it was unpatriotic and un-American to criticise a sitting president, isn’t holding to that philosophy now that Obama is president.  


Talking about McCain.  It might just be me but if you had just got a beatdown like he got, shouldn’t he just shut up… at least for a while?   One rule of sports is that ‘winners have all the right to speak, losers should shut up’.  McCain is a loser.  And part of the reason he lost was his total befuddlement where the economy is concerned.  If I were he, I would take a backseat in the senate and let someone else do the talking.  The American people have soundly rejected him, and he still has nothing new to say.  


Obama has given his first interview to an Arab tv network.  Shrewd move.  Symbolic gestures like this are valued in the mideast.  One can easily see that his interview could play well and be a foundation for his future diplomatic moves. 

Bet there is going to be a backfire in the right-wing media… proof that Obama is anti-American.  Woohoo.

But Obama is again making the same missteps.  He is ruining his own credibility by stating the same mindless propaganda that those in the middle east have come to reject with contempt.

Muslims don’t see Iran as a problem, they don’t see Hamas or Hezbollah as the problem in the middle east.   Lecturing about the evils of those dudes without admitting how f***ed up your policy has been for years is the problem.  You want to dance?… change the tune.


Saw this story about a woman who had octuplets (8 pickney same time) which people were calling a blessing..  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND!

8 rugrats.  No way Jose.  That’s a curse.  Does any of these people even consider what is involved, the logistics, the finances?  Man, that’s a curse I wouldn’t wish on even my worst enemy.


The Jamaican dollar is sliding so fast it reminds me slightly of Zimbabwean currency where it probably takes 60,000 Zimbabwean dollars to buy a loaf of bread.  The Golding government is making Omar Davies look like a genius.

Many had said previously that Audley Shaw was ill-prepared to manage the portfolio..  How true that now appears.  

I’m not blaming anyone.  Truth be told, Jamaica’s problems are far beyond the capability of even the wisest and most earnest of economists.  We, and other small economies need a bailout.

Last year, high members of the World Bank admitted that its pushing of liberalisation and globalisation policies on small economies in states in Africa, South America and the Caribbean have reaped sorrow instead.

So, now that you admit wrong, why not liberally reverse the damage you have done?

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