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War Pigs

Is it that American leaders like to go round living OUR lives on the edge, being the Ugly American, picking fights for our sake, have penis envy? What the eff’s wrong with these guys?

Not anywhere close to declaring any kind of victory in Iraq or Afghanistan (except on behalf of the economic wellbeing of Halliburton, Blackwater, Kellogg Brown and Root [which has by the way, avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Medicare and Social Security taxes by hiring workers through shell companies based in Cayman], and Big Oil amongst others), this administration and John McCain seem as if they want to pick fights with Russia over Georgia, and Pakistan (more on that later).

Now, their ambassadors have been kicked out from both Bolivia and Venezuela. Both countries have accused the American ambassadors of fomenting violent protests. Anyone who thinks that is unlikely is a fool.

And it now turns out that two Russian strategic bombers are now stationed in Venezuela, at the request of president Chavez.

This high-risk (read idiotic/Jackass) behaviour may be good for the white House’s adrenaline rush, but it is giving me stress including a bad case of the sh*ts. The fact is that THEY are not at risk. Nobody is gonna gun THEM down anywhere… not with their security paid for by taxpayers money. And it is not their children who will have to fight or pay for their addiction to stupidity and turmoil.

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor… lyrics from War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

FYI… while US deaths have declined in Iraq, 2008 is now the deadliest year for American soldiers in Afghanistan (111 for all of 2007, but 113 so far in 2008). It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that al qaeda has simply redeployed to Afghanistan. So much for THAT military victory.

But here is the thing with Pakistan… and please bear in mind that not only does Pakistan have nuclear weapons, they have the inclination to export such knowledge.

A recent Reuters report stated that president Bush secretly approved orders in July to allow Special Forces to carry out ground assaults in Pakistan without the approval of the Pakistan government. What about ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity’ don’t these war-addicted buffoons understand.

This taken from the Reuters report, “I’m not convinced we are winning it in Afghanistan. I am convinced we can,” Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a congressional committee nearly seven years after U.S.-led forces toppled the Taliban.
Mullen said he was “looking at a new, more comprehensive strategy for the region” that would cover both sides of the border, including Pakistan’s tribal areas.
Violence in Afghanistan has soared over the past two years as al Qaeda and Taliban fighters have regrouped in the remote region between Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

Seven years… and its now they are looking for a new, more comprehensive strategy… which apparently now involves invading Pakistan. Oh my gawd…. the headaches.

Reuters- “U.S. officials told the Times they would notify Pakistan when they conduct limited ground attacks like the Special Operations raid last week in a Pakistani village near the Afghanistan border, but they would not ask for its permission”.

Not ask for permission to enter someone else’s country and kill their citizens? What happens after the inevitable clash with the Pakistani military?

What they fail to understand is that to Pakistan and most countries in the world, this war on terror is America’s problem of their own making… no one else’s. No one screwed around with other people’s sovereignty, no one else disrespected other nations, no one else raped and pillaged the natural and human resources of others. This is merely, as Malcolm X so famously said, “The chickens coming home to roost”. 9/11…. Your problem.

These people are stupid enough to alienate Pakistan. Its better they take the little help that Pakistan is giving them, rather than having Pakistan ‘just say no’. Pakistan has its own little internal problems acting as America’s surrogate against its own people. That won’t keep any new leader around for long.
And pride plays a major role in these cultures. Thinking you can trample over them because you have bigger weapons, is plain nuts. Listen to me, Georgie-boy, you don’t need a new hostile front in Pakistan!

I know geography is not your strong suit (but then again neither is English, maths, science, religion, civics, history or current events) but take a look at a map. Without the cooperation of Pakistan, there is few other real ways into Afghanistan, bubba.

And while talking about fighting, did you see the big thing Ms ‘Lipstick-on-a- pig Gimmicacy is making about her son going to serve in Iraq? Isn’t that cute. Big boy goes to fight. But wait a minute. He in fact, will be guarding generals.

Now tell me, other than choking on their whiskey, when was the last time an American general was injured in a war zone? Di yout couldn’t be safer if he was shrink-wrapped in cotton.
Politicians hide their sons away,
Leaving the dying to the poor.

And while we are still humming to the tune of ‘semper fi’, the army reports seeking help to ‘cope with the alarming increase in suicides’. The suicide rate has doubled in 5 years, moving from 9.8 per 100,000 to 18.1 (fact-sheet: the US civilian rate is 19.5 per 100,000, up from 11/100,000 in 2002 according to WHO figures. Is there a correlation between the Bush presidency and the dramatic increase in suicides?).

The crazed warrior philosophy of these men, safe in Washington, is just one reason why we need to galvanise the vote against putting another republican in office in November. Anyone who supports them and isn’t making a million dollars a month, is plain stupid or irrevocably racist.

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