Watching someone self-destruct is really sad..why smoke ganja when…

With the web you get the ability to see people self-destruct as images and video of everyone’s private life is on display. Case in point, Stephan Marbury. He has been video blogging all summer and it has been pathetic. I feel sorry for him. If you are looking for a job, as Marbury is, why would you smoke ganja on video.


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  • Where are all the signatures? As a Canadian, will mine count? It just occured to me that the power of suggestion caused the fall of mankind from God’s grace in the first place. In the garden of Eden, Satan asked Eve if she had eaten from the tree with all those lovely fruit hanging from it. She said no, because God had forbidden it. Using the power of suggestion, Satan said, did he really say that? He didn’t really mean that – He knew that if you ate it you would become as knowledgeable as He is. Here, why don’t you try it? So Eve, at his suggestion, bit into the apple, plunging mankind into the evil troubled world we live in today.
    Billy G.

  • Yes, let’s ban advertising tooo, since that is all it is and causes people to overeat, eat bad food, buy things they don’t need, and generally do things that aren’t in their best interest. What needs to be done is to make sure that politicians, commentators, bloggers and columnists are held to the Libel and Slander laws just like regular people. They should not be able to knowingly say something that is untrue. Once it has been proven to be untrue, they should be forced to retract what they said. 90% of the political ads during the past election period would not have been aired.