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Watching the season starting to change

Boise State is a great story, their quarterback is very good, but after watching Alabama, Ohio State, Texas and Oklahoma play, I can say in no uncertain terms-Boise State is not a top-5 team.


The NFL Red Zone network is television crack. It is sports television on steroids. It is, and I’m tearing up here, the best thing to happen to television. Where have you been my whole life?
Whose idea was it to put the VMA’S opposite the season finale of True Blood AND Entourage? Probably the same person that dressed Kanye West. It’s sad when everybody agrees that Lady Gaga dresses better than you.
I’m not that worried about the Yankees recent play. This team was built for the playoffs, and when Andy Pettitte returns to the rotation and they cut Phil Hughes loose from his innings restrictions, they will be primed for a playoff run.
If the Eagles are trying to win this season, they would have had an open competition for quarterback to begin the season. They didn’t; Kevin Kolb was named the starter immediately, signifying the beginning of the rebuilding phase. That means that no matter how Michael Vick, he of the 3 Pro-Bowls, will be not get the starting job full-time this season, no matter how well he plays.

The NY Jets are in trouble for allegedly sexually harassing a female reporter who was at practice to interview Mark Sanchez. I have a tremendous amount of mixed feelings on this issue. I think that this reporter, Ines Sainz (R,) has the right to do her job. She has the right, like any other woman, to dress however she wants whenever she wants. But, but, I also think personal responsibility absolutely comes into play and should.

Because you have the right to dress however you want, going to a NFL team practice dressing like you’re going to a nightclub is probably not a good idea, and considering most other female and male reporters get that concept is telling. There has been very little in the way of a surprise reaction from reporters and athletes alike when told of this story and who the reporter was. Ms. Sainz is a known entity and has been for quite some time; she doesn’t seek a story, she seeks the limelight. Her network is the same that sent another reporter to a Superbowl press conference to propose to Tom Brady.
There is one truism in life: If you always try to bring attention to yourself, you will always get it, and it might not be the attention you want.


That being said, I am truly concerned about the ‘new culture’ of the NY Jets. Rex Ryan has a great football mind, and a very good coach. There is no filter between his brain and his mouth, and that trickles down to his team. Add to that mix, some players of questionable character and you have a volatile mix and more than halfway down the road to a wreck. Whether the situation with the reporter is correct as indicated or not, a warning flag needs to be raised to this team, its management and its owners.

Kevin Durant is poised to have a monster year. Move aside, Kobe and Lebron this kid deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as those two. He is an unbelievable talent and Oklahoma City will be in the upper echelon of NBA teams this season with him leading the way.

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