We are all involved in restoring brand Jamaica

The headline of the news story was stunning!
Grenadians threaten to give police a “taste of Jamaica”
This hit me like a punch below the belt.

National Flower

How dare they! Foreign tugs are leveraging a horrific incidence and stealing our language for their despicable ends.

We need to defend and maintain the specialness of our traditions. How would you react if someone called ganja Jamaica’s national flower instead of Lignum Vitae.

National Flower

We will need to be intentional during this season of repair to our national reputation to be ambassadors of the true heart and soul of Jamaica. Practicing the Biblical principle of salt and light will be key to reminding our neighbors, and work colleagues that we are solid citizens from a culture who like any other have its undesirable elements.

National Flower

The international love for our foods will play a critical role in restoring the true taste of Jamaica. Just imaging share a gift such as this pudding at a work picnic this summer?
Well, I am no cook or baker, so I use a great magazine like Jamaicaneats

to deliver the goods.

A Taste of Jamaica

In the pages of Jamaican Eats magazine we’ve got ol’ time Jamaican sweet potato puddings that will leave them licking their fingers for more. In the Winter 2007 edition we’ve got — count ’em — sweet potato puddings that are sooooo good, you don’t want to swallow.

We will need to use every tool at our disposal to restore our reputation. What role will you be playing in this endeavor?

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