We are not easily offended…but others are…

One of the things I love about the Jamaican culture is that we are not easily offended (unless you are talking about our mother). We call any Jamaican fat person “fatty” and skinny people “maahga” (meagar) and they don’t get offended (I am maahga so I know). We take serious matters and joke about it. We love to “draw cards” (tease etc). We are not politically correct. Our frankness and openness is one of the things I love about our culture. Sometimes we do take if very far and can be very cruel unintentionally.
I have learned living in the US and being the webmaster for this site that others take serious offense with our “politically incorrectness”. I frequently get emails from users who visit our forum who are offended by our abrasiveness and “upfront” style. Some who visit our forums and will never post because they are afraid of getting “roasted”. It is difficult trying to explain this to people who are not around Jamaicans all the time or are Jamaican. It is a part of our culture that writing an article or trying to explain never works. You have to live it. There are a few that have braved it after frequently visiting the site and living it online.

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