George Graham

We Can Be Idle No Longer. It’s Time to Act

Look folks, this is serious business. We’ve been writing stuff and reading stuff and tut-tutting and finger wagging long enough. It’s time to hit the bricks.

If you live in the USA and you can get to a protest rally, go for it.

If you can’t physically join a protest, write to the newspaper and to your political representatives, phone somebody who is supposed to be representing you, or at least sign a petition like this one (click here to read the petition).

The goons are attacking on every front, and if we don’t fight back, they will take over the country.

Do not listen to the BS about the deficit. Nobody is trying to reduce the deficit. Nobody.

You don’t reduce the deficit by slashing taxes for corporations and the rich while escalating the war in Afghanistan.

The stuff you read and hear about Social Security, Medicare, welfare and so on is a sham!

Refute it whenever you get the chance. Explain to friends, family and neighbors that the Great Financial Crisis is being deliberately engineered to create a pretext for social change.

For cutting off federal funds to Planned Parenthood…

For bringing back the criminalization of abortion…

For busting unions…

For gutting food stamps and child care…

For destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid…

For ending unemployment insurance, veterans’ assistance, homeless shelters, anything that is compassionate or civilized…

For abolishing the honest voice of public broadcasting…

For replacing everything decent and good in America with the brutal, bloody boots of economic Darwinism – root hog or die… root hog and still die!

This a rich man’s revolution. The corporations are attacking the middle class.

If Americans do not rise up against the assault, wages in this country will fall to the level of those in India, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh. That’s what globalization is really about!

That’s what the political hacks are trying to achieve.

First, they set it up so that the factories and the jobs leave the country. Then they slash taxes for the corporations and the rich, and squander America’s resources by waging war. Then they use the resulting financial crisis as an excuse to break the unions and create massive unemployment.

Can’t you see what will happen if the Washington goons are allowed to succeed?

Wages and working conditions in America will inevitably decline to match the lowest in the world. That is the price the corporations are demanding for returning their production facilities to America.

Education will decline as funds are withheld, scientific thought will be suppressed, superstition and bigotry will prevail. The Dark Ages will descend on the nation, bringing poverty and ignorance, injustice and oppression.

And that is the price the politicians are prepared to pay.

Unless we stop them.

(In the St. Pete Times photo above, Tami Shadduck, a sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood, kisses her daughter Leila Wallace at a rally in St. Petersburg, Florida.)

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