We Can Stop It!

 Jamaica’s #1 issue is security, and we are unanimous in this!

The bloodiness of 2008, losing  over 1600 precious souls is making Gaza looking like a walk in the park.

The expanding intrusion of this issue into the education system has raised a quaking fright.


Over the past year the the security leadership has done an extensive study of the issue and have formulated a set of recommendations that will be rolled out in 2009.  This past week, Minister of national Security , Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillian launched a major initiative.  Changing the culture of the security force, the JCF is the major impetus. He clearly, and explicitly noted that this is not an overnight project. Restoring respect of this force with the community is a key ingredient.   There has been a pilot program of this initiative in Fletchers Land , Kingston with some promising results.

The national security services is  launching a public education campaign called, “WE CAN STOP IT’. This campaign will basically give advice to people, helping them to understand what they should do, including working with the security forces. And, we are trying to get, through that public education programme, an impact that will make people more alert,” the Minister said.


So why are we dialoguing on it here?

Well, it is my contention that until we de-ghettoize our security issue, the chances for significant change will be slim.

Jamaicans everywhere need to become stakeholders to reverse this tragedy.

So, if I arranged for you to have lunch with Senator MacMillian,

what would you say to him as your contribution to improve Jamaica’s  security?

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I am an entrepreneur whose focus is on helping small businesses deploy internet marketing tools to leverage new customers and profits. I believe in the survival of the knitted, and thus champion those who are making a difference in our community.