We will no longer cover the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Fest – We get the hint!!!

Yesterday, I posted a blog about the Caribbean Media getting no respect, especially from their own. In the blog post I stated it was not my style to “call out” anyone. Well after hearing from a few well respected US-based Caribbean media colleagues in regards to that blog post,  I changed my mind.

I am going to “call out” one of these events…The Jamaica Jazz & Blues Fest.  We will no longer be giving the  Jamaica Jazz Fest free coverage on Jamaicans.com to promote the event.  When the mainstream media is given everything, plus the “kitchen sink,”  for this event in November 2009 and the Caribbean media received mainly rejection letters 3 weeks (January 2010) before the event, it is a shameful. We were not offered the common courtesy offered to the “mainstream media”.  A few of my colleagues did get to cover the event,  however it  was after “Kicking and screaming” about the rejecting letter.  Our writers, who covered your event in the past, will no longer go through the “many hoops”  to be disrespected.

We are no longer valued. We will not be taken for granted to promote your event, but not participate in the event.  After 2 years of rejection letters we have gotten the hint.  You no longer want a two-way relationship.   All the best Jamaica Jazz Fest.

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