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Wedding Boutonniere Tips

The word boutonniere is derived  the French word for buttonhole. Most brides I know overlook the boutonniere selection process. It is often the florist or wedding planner that raises any concern or questions re the boutonniere selection. Choosing the right boutonniere is very important.

There are two main types of boutonnieres:

1. Classic Boutonnieres such as a rosebud or a miniature calla lily as show below.


2. The Contemporary Boutonniere such a tiny branch of berries or an orchid as shown below:


But how do you choose your wedding boutonniere:

The color of your wedding boutonniere can be chosen to either complement or contrast the color of the groom’s outfit. Once you have chosen the groom’s boutonniere you need to ensure that the bestman and groomsmen boutonniere’s are selected also along the same guideline and that they look good. If you select a yellow rose for the groom in a turquoise and yellow wedding you can select a turquoise bloom for the men. Keep in mind the bestman and groomsmen should complement the MOH and bridesmaids.

How do you wear a wedding boutonniere?

The boutonniere should be worn on the outside of the left lapel. Many persons use various methods to pin the boutonniere. One method is holding the boutonniere by the stem in your left hand, place the boutonniere on the lapel below the buttonhole. Holding the pin in your right hand start from the back of the lapel push it through the fabric just below the head of the flower. Cross the length of the pin over the stem and reinsert back into the fabric so the pin head rests behind the lapel or I prefer to do the opposite and letting the pearl head pin show.

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