What Content to Publish? – A series celebrating 16 years of Jamaicans.com

As I mentioned in a previous blog post the website was started with the content from the newsletter/magazine Nuff Respect. The content was “Jamaica-centric” and I quickly realized that I would have to diversify. You see there were not too many Jamaicans  online back in 1995 when the site was launched. Print was still the main medium to reach a Jamaican audience. I knew I had to keep the site fresh. My boss at the electronic marketing/internet company I worked in 1993 used to hammer into our heads that “content is king”. That motto is one I still live by for Jamaicans.com.

Within a month of launching the site the answers about content came in the form of emails. Many of the emails we got were from students who were looking for information for school projects. They wanted to know about Jamaican culture. The areas they were especially interested in were facts on Jamaica and the Jamaican language (that is what people called it). We had some basic information in these areas but had to quickly “beef it up”.  Many of the answers to questions became the outline for new content for the website. We were also getting requests for additional recipes to the ones we had on the site. I learned to cook from my mother when I was young. I enjoy cooking. Many of the recipes were written by either my mother or myself.

That is it…the content we published was driven by you, the visitors to Jamaicans.com.

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