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What Did I Tell You? Washington is Frozen

The untimely cold spell that swept through Florida in the past few days probably originated in Washington DC. I bet the temperature is at record lows there because Congress is frozen solid. Didn’t I tell you the government would be frozen? idn’t I say the Republican dominated House would “kotch” like a mule? Didn’t I predict the “sequester” would descend upon the nation? Of course I did.

But you probably didn’t believe me. You probably told yourself that even today’s Republicans are accessible to reason, that they would eventually offer some kind of comprmise to avert the severe budget cuts in the sequester. After all, they must surely recognize that the good of their country is more important than their own pique.

But, if you did think that, the laugh is on you.

These are not reasonable people. They are grown men and women with the emotional makeup of small children.

I’m left wondering whether any reasonable people are left in the Republican elite.

Take the eminent justices of the Supreme Court, for example. What a pack of muddle heads some of them are turning out to be. If they think racial discrimination is gone, they must be living a really sheltered life.

I’m in agreement with former Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (photo above), who had this to say about the arguments being advanced by some justices. Here’s how he put it:

When you have in 2012 … states making changes to their laws that you can look on their face and see that these changes will make it harder for minorities to have their votes affect the results that they intend, you say that we don’t need [the Voting Rights Act] anymore? Is this some kind of entitlement? Well, the Constitution of the U.S. is an entitlement for everybody. 

You would think that’s a no-brainer that a graduate of Princeton University would have better sense than to talk about perpuating “racial entitlement,” wouldn’t you? But not Justice Scalia.

The President must be scratching his Harvard-educated head. On one hand he has a petulant bunch in the House of Representatives that’s holding their breath and stamping their feet like soiled toddlers because they gave in to him on ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and now rthey want him to let them have their way on ripping up the social safety net.

The way they see it, that’s only fair. He wins one, they win one.

On the other hand he is dealing with a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that thinks some Americans are born more equal than others.

Then there’s the NRA with its craziness about every American carrying a gun. Apparently they belive the more guns there are, the fewer shootings there will be.

And this is supposed to be an advanced civilization?

Give me a break.

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