Baby oh Baby Jamaica

What I Have Learnt

My son will be two shortly and I have come to the realization that I am a totally different person than I was before his birth.  I want to be a better mother and person constantly despite the challenges. So my goal is to try to improve that balancing act, as much as possible. The balancing act of being mother, sister, daughter, friend, self-employed business owner and girlfriend. It’s not easy.

I have acquired some amount of patience and I am learning to slow down. In slowing down I see my son at times in a different light, in ways that make me love him even more than I do. In slowing down I have learnt that there are times I have to put away all the gadgets and just play with him or just give him a hug. In slowing down it has opened up the way for alot of what I call our little road trips. Simple trips to the market to the supermarket are great experiences I have had.

It has taught me to just roll with the punches and that I can’t plan everything. I can’t be a neat freak all the time or else with a toddler I will go crazy. I have  had to learn to let loose a little, let go of the control and just enjoy my life.

Becoming a mom is by far the best  thing I’ve ever done!!! Its not always easy, it can be a challenge, sometimes I want to scream and it  requires functioning on little or no sleep at times, I have developed immense patience and quite a bit of selflessness … but it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

I look forward to hearing about some of your experiences.

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