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What I have noticed about Jamaicans on Facebook

I don’t know if it is only my observation, but I have a lot of friends on Facebook from many different countries and I read a lot of there posts. It seems to me that most of my black Facebook and there black Facebook friends from other countries posts a lot of things about racism and oppressed black people or dwell on black American history or current racial issues whether it is in their country or America. NOW…JAMAICANS, what they post are things about -me, myself, and I – or some shenanigans… But most Important I see many of them being extremely patriotic and supportive towards Jamaica and other Jamaicans. I actually think this is good. We just need to be a richer country like Trinidad or Barbados….. Mentally we are on a good path but need more progressive action. Because I feel that a lot of  the black world are mentally enslaved….. Ps. Don’t share this on Facebook …..I don’t need any comments.






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