What if Phelps wore dreadlocks or was a Jamaican athlete?

Today I read an interesting perspective on the Michael Phelps Ganja story in one of South Florida local newspapers. The angle was that there was not enough outrage. The writer implies that race and him not playing a team sport has a lot to do with the reaction. I have to admit that I was more appalled at this story that many of the other “sports stars” using drugs or getting drunk because of the visual.  I can’t get the visual out of my mind.  I thought the visual would have people react very differently. Everyone seems to brush off the behavior as it is just ‘weed”. I think the visual says more. How do we know that just weed was in this bong?  Is this a one time thing? Lets say you are going to smoke ganja for the first time; would you some it from a BONG? I am not a drug user expert but I just don’t see a novice using a bong. So it is a bit surprising that this story did not get more ‘air play’.  What if this was Usain Bolt?

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