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What Is The Best Month To Get Married In Jamaica?

We get asked this question a lot and honestly I don’t have any one month as the answer, but below are some factors to consider when trying to decide which month to get married in Jamaica:
1. May to mid June we usually get a lot of rain in Jamaica and we do mean heavy rain
2. July and August are extremely hot months
3. The hurricane season runs from August to October. So during these months be careful of tropical storms or hurricanes.
4. Winter season is from December 15 to April 15 and usually hotel, villa and airfare is usually more expensive
5. In Jamaica we experience cooler temperatures November to February with little rainy weather
6. Between April 15 to December 15th villas, hotels and airfare is usually cheaper
You have to look at the pro and cons of a particular period and discover what’s the best month for you. Everyone will come up with a different answer.

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