What is the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commissions thinking?

What is the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commissions thinking? What do they mean they don’t have time for WADA…This is crazy and will certainly put a cloud of suspicion on our athletes…See snippet below from the Guardian


Jamaica’s cordial ‘not now’ to World Anti-Doping Agency is bizarre

by Marina Hyde

What on earth is the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission doing that it can’t accommodate Wada to investigate claims its athletes were rarely drug-tested until 2014?

What is not to admire about the inscrutable cordiality of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission’s response to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “extraordinary audit” of its activities?

In the wake of a former Jadco executive’s revelation that the country’s testing system effectively did not operate for “five or six months” in the runup to last year’s Olympics, the Jamaican prime minister invited Wada to investigate. But according to a statement issued by Wada this week, Jadco now “cannot accommodate this visit until 2014“. Cannot accommodate, if you please. A styling which forces a reworking of the old joke about where the wife went on holiday. Jamaica? No, they couldn’t accommodate her.

Yet far from forcing a change in tack, the raised eyebrows which greeted this news seem to have encouraged Jadco to double down on its mannerly claims of unavailability. A statement released on Tuesday explained that Wada’s proposed visit this month, “though timely, was inconvenient”.

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