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What Makes Rupert Murdoch so Horrible?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rupert Murdoch. He’s the guy who owns Fox News. He also owns the New York Post, the Times of London, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other print and TV outlets around the world. Of course he’s a billionaire. A multi-billionaire.

Here’s what puzzles me about the Australian-born media mogul: Why is he still driven to amass more power and more money? The guy’s 80 years old and a prostate cancer survivor. You would think he would be trying to make peace with the Almighty – help cure AIDS and world hunger, that kind of thing.

I’m only 77, and the last thing I would want to do with the years I have left is stir up war, help oppressors deceive the downtrodden and crusade against the world’s poor and sick.

Yet that’s just what Murdoch is doing with his vast power.

Here’s one description I found on the Internet:

In recent years, Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch has used the U.S. government’s increasingly lax media regulations to consolidate his hold over the media and wider political debate in America. Consider Murdoch’s empire: According to Businessweek, “his satellites deliver TV programs in five continents, all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and The Times of London. In the U.S., he owns the Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network, and 35 TV stations that reach more than 40% of the country…His cable channels include fast-growing Fox News, and 19 regional sports channels. In all, as many as one in five American homes at any given time will be tuned into a show News Corp. either produced or delivered.” But who is the real Rupert Murdoch? As this report shows, he is a far-right partisan who has used his empire explicitly to pull American political debate to the right. He is also an enabler of the oppressive tactics employed by dictatorial regimes, and a man who admits to having hidden money in tax havens.

The report details Murdoch’s history of inciting war, supporting dictators, spreading far-right propaganda, busting unions, manipulating politicians and, in general, supporting the world’s darkest side.

Click here to read the report.

Murdoch’s  latest abuse is forcing Al Gore’s “Current” TV station off air in Italy because the station is launching Keith Olbermann next month.

Click here to read the news item.

I don’t know this man personally, but his photos portray him as  a twisted sourpuss who would enjoy grinding his heel on the neck of the unfortunate.

Why? I wonder.

Is he scratching some psychological itch because his father didn’t love him (as some biographies report)? Who could blame the father? What’s to love about Rupert?

Or does it enrage him to see his reflection in the mirror?

Or was he just born wicked?

There’s a lot of stuff about Murdoch on the web. But I can’t find anything that explains why he acts so wretchedly.

Perhaps he just enjoys it.

I would be interested in your theories. It’s a fascinating psychological topic.

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