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What Mueller Will Find


I’m sure you aren’t surprised by news that Trump is planning to fire special investigator Robert Mueller. Or that he is exploring the possibility of pardoning himself and his family.

If you’ve ever Googled Trump, you know he has a shady past. He even paid a fine for money laundering.

His financial history is – to put it kindly – checkered. And his association with American mobsters and Russian “oligarchs” is no secret.

Mueller is a sharp investigator and he has a highly skilled team. He won’t miss the glaring signs of inappropriate activity that are sure to surface in his inquiries.

By investigating the possibility of pardoning himself, Trump is admitting he will need a pardon. Innocent people don’t need pardons. Guilty people do.

Mueller will at least unearth enough dirt to make Trump panic.

What will happen then is anyone’s guess. I don’t doubt that Trump will get rid of the special investigator. That’s what Nixon did. Remember?

It was what triggered Nixon’s downfall.

But this is not Watergate. Then, Democrats controlled Congress. Now, Republicans rule both chambers. And the craven Republican politicians have displayed little taste for standing up to Trump.

Even if the politicians finally decide they’ve had more than they can stand, Trump’s base hasn’t.

And that base is ugly enough to do anything.  I wouldn’t even rule out the likelihood of armed resistance if Congress tries to dump Trump.

These are dangerous times indeed.

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