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What Hillary Really Said


There he goes again… Donald Trump has unleashed a new attack ad that shows Hillary supposedly saying, “We are going to raise taxes on the middle class.” It’s doctored, of course.

As Chris Hayes demonstrated on MSNBC last night, what she really said was, “we aren’t going to raise taxes on the middle class.”

The dirty tricks just keep on coming.

How low can Donald Trump stoop? Lower than a snake’s belly, as the old folks used to say. Lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.

But he is not alone. He has company in his wagon rut. His trumped up smear is being echoed by the right-wing noise machine.

Newsmax repeated it, and Yahoo News picked up the Newsmax report to brighten my morning.

As one TV pundit observed last night, we are living in “the post truth” era.

Here’s another example.

The Wall Street Journal, which used to be a fairly reputable newspaper, recently published a story accusing President Obama of bribing the Iranians to get US hostages released.

(Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who did that?)

Actually, Obama – as usual – was trying to do the right thing. America owed Iran $400 million and he was paying them back. Decades ago, when the Shah was in power, the Iranians paid America for aircraft that never got delivered. The Iranians sued in the International Court to get their money back.

With all those years of interest, the payment could have been in the billions. But Obama managed to make a deal with Iran to reduce the debt.

Trump  jumped on the false report (of course), and he keeps repeating a story about seeing a video of the cash being offloaded in Iran. He even described the plane that supposedly transported the loot. No such video exists.

Why anyone still listens to Donald Trump beats me. He just makes up stuff as he goes along.

And the rest of his party are joining in. They’re “blasting” the President for being honest and paying America’s debt to Iran.

The pundits may call this kind of thing “post truth.” I call it lying. Bald-face lying.

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