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Whatever I’m not smoking, I need to not smoke more of it

After the hoopla and the eventual passing of the bailout bill, many felt that they could now settle back, drink a beer and go back to the normal life of watching tv and stuffing their collective faces with toxic hotdogs. Well, not so fast.

On the stock market’s first working day after the package passed in congress, the response was terrible. The market went in exactly the opposite direction that many predicted. It plummeted. Like a rock. And since the market is built on nothing more (note nothing more) than confidence, it means that the players aren’t confident… or, or, some big players are playing a might weird game with our lives.

Now they are blaming global recession for the lack of confidence, but the ‘crash programme’ was designed to shore up global confidence. The conventional wisdom was that once the American market got this injection, the rest of the world would automatically feel better. And there is logic in this. Unless something else is at play.

Everyone now is developing this ‘deer caught in the headlights’ kind a look. Very few seems to know what is happening or why. The holy market is supposed to correct itself, like one of those plastic thingies that when you hit it, goes almost to the floor then rights itself. But this doesn’t appear to be happening and fear is taking over. Perhaps Karl Marx was right… capitalism will self-destruct, unbridled capitalism will self-destruct faster and more explosive.

I’m no Marxist but it isn’t difficult to see from a long time, that capitalism’s demise can’t be very far off. The devolution will probably turn into some new form of feudalism.

Sidebar: Communism is just feudalism with government replacing the royalty and the church at the top of the hierarchical ladder. The feudalism where we are headed will have a small minority of corporations at the top, the state in a minor managerial role and the church as usual, as the controlled tool to suppress the unwashed by threatening their spiritual hereafter.

Capitalism has long passed its ‘use by date’. Globalisation speeded up the decline because of capitalism’s greed and over-reach. Globalisation was always about feudalism, colonialism and imperialism.

Globalisation was never really designed to help small states but more to turn such states over to the mercies of large states… to make these states more of a servile, while appearing to be trying to break down the major economic powers. But more than anything, globalization was firmly founded on the foundation of greed. Greed is Good. Greed is God.

Once the ‘greed is good’ mantra is the guiding philosophy, then all is corrupted. GiG means that some individuals and corporations will flourish while weaker, feeding vampire-like from less powerful states and individuals. When GiG turned into a religion, the world powerbrokers broke away from state loyalty and formed a clique, but one not loyal even to only themselves. Government not only lost control, they are now controlled.

Thus the philosophy of making enormous profits while the peoples of weaker states starved, gave way to one that started to prey on its own people… while giving them the illusion that this was done for their benefit, to maintain ‘our way of life’.

“Oh yes we are sending away your jobs, but look, you are getting your stuff cheaper!”… never explaining how the cheaper stuff would eventually be paid for by those without jobs.

People were urged one way or another, to spend what they didn’t have, because not doing so, ‘would make the terrorists win’. All this had to happen to maximize huge profits in the shortest possible time frame. These guys weren’t about to leech blood a little at a time. Nope. They were opening the veins to be a gusher.

The prevailing thought might have been that even at that stage there could be a weakened but continuous source of cheap labour. After all, if a man is barely surviving, made so by only getting mere scraps from the fat man’s table, he controllable. A revolution might be sparked by hungry stomachs but it can’t be sustained on such.

Either by accident or by design that fool and his administration went for the jugular, in an effort to speed up the process. Yep. They all failed Biology 101. You cut the jugular under unregulated circumstances and guess what happens. “Thar’s blood in the streets gentlemen and we aren’t able to stop the haemorrhaging”.

Now the American society might very well be on the brink of being what many routinely scorn as ‘third world’. The Mad Max scenario looms.

Impossible? Well if you told me this is where we would be today, I would have told you naaah… not in my lifetime.

Here is a thought. Could the primary purpose of this crisis be to destroy the European Union? As a Union, Europe has the monetary ability to stabilize itself but not the political resolution. Corrective measures would mean supporting weaker European states and institutions.

But asking the French taxpayer to fund a bailout of a Turkish bank, or the Germans to save a British financial house is politically unthinkable. “Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost”. Just the type of situation that will break Europe apart. The euro will fall, the dollar will rise and ‘those frenchies will never frustrate our demands again’.

Naaah. That’s not it. Whatever I am not smoking, I need to not smoke more of it.
It certainly can’t be any surprise that the PaCains have turned to dirty fighting. The true American hero.

One of the long held myths in America is that if you play with honour, that you will win. But only the gullible democrats sing that tune. All the major players in the republican party are ‘win at all costs’ guys. “They end”, they will say, “Justifies the means”.

So now, it’s about going after Obama’s character. But what does it matter… he’s just a black guy.

Barack Obama and his family are the targets of republican-driven overstatements, known misinterpretations and of course, outright lies as the PaCains see their political future slipping away. They will prey on the fear, the racism, the religious fanaticism of the American people. They will set the tone not only for this campaign but for many to come.

Jamaicans have the history of the 70’s as their experience of the same type of tribalism. ‘Putting America first’ is meaningless in MudCain’s hands. The desperate PaCains are on a power-lust, scorched earth policy, which if they inherit, they have absolutely no capability of restoring.
Kash ‘n Karry
Isn’t it absolutely ironic that the man tapped to lead the bailout is named Neel Kashkari. Is someone playing a joke on us?

More worrying is the fact that Cash’nCarry (can’t help it) was a senior adviser to Treasury secretary Paulson (much good that helped us), and previously a vice president under Paulson in the same firm Goldman, Sachs and Co. By the way, Paulson used to work for Richard Nixon’s counsel and assistant for Domestic Affairs, John Ehrlichman, who was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury for which he did jail time.

Paulson’s net worth is estimated at over $700,000,000, and his compensation packages from Goldman for 2005-6 totaled over $53, 000,000. It is said that Paulson is very pro-Chinese, visiting the country more than 70 times when he was at Goldman.

Goldman and Sachs was effectively bailed out of trouble in September by Warren Buffett, one of Barack Obama’s advisers. What an incestuous nest.

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