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When to do nothing.

Over the past week or so I’ve been trying to manage a situation, but each day something new happens, and each day a new approach to managing things occurs to me. Eventually, I started to drive myself nuts, feeling nothing but confused and anxious. What exactly was I supposed to do? Then out of nowhere it occurred to me that maybe I should do nothing! Who knew what the Universe was going to send my way tomorrow in any case, and with the numerous moving parts involved, could I really anticipate everything and put a suitable solution into effect? Scary as it was, doing nothing felt like the solution, and it has been wonderful!

Everything is still not fully worked out, but just the peace of mind I got from no longer feeling like I had to handle every aspect of the issue has left me feeling way better than when I thought I was Superwoman and could fix it all. How many times have you felt as if something in your life is out of control, and your effort to fix things has just made them worse?

My husband tells me that when he was taking flying lessons, one of the things he learned was that if the aircraft went into a spin, one approach was for the pilot to simply let go of the yoke and let the aircraft right itself without any interference. Of course most of us would try to wrestle the yoke into submission–all the way until we hit the ground. And while we may have felt better knowing that we were doing something, what was that worth if in the end us and the aircraft ended up as a pile of debris?

This full moon, think about something in your life that you are madly trying to fix, and ask yourself if you could just step out of the way for a moment and leave the yoke to right itself.

Best wishes for finding boundless joy this full moon and during all those to come!

-Coach Andrea

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