George Graham

Who do Those Romneys Think They are?

So Tagg Romney wanted to “take a swing” at the president of the United States during Tuesday night’s debate, did he? Well, Tagg, I would dearly love to take a swing at you, my boy. Let’s go outside and duke it out man to man.

It’s time.

Enough of the haughty sneers and condescending phoniness. Enough of the insulting insincerity. Let’s see what you’re made of.

For some reason, those Romneys think they’re a cut above the rest of us. They assume they have some God given right to rule.

Is it because they’re rich?

Or is it because they’re white?

Well, that was what Max Schmelling thought, too. But Joe Louis set him straight PDQ (photo above).

Mitt Romney must think he is the Great White Hope of American politics.

I doubt very much that his eldest son would have thought of punching a white president. I doubt very much that Mitt Romney would have been as bullying and overbearing if he were debating another white male. You’ll recall that he didn’t dare try that stuff on Newt Gingrich and the other (white) Republican men during those primary debates.

But facing a black man, he does not hesitate to cross the line.

And with a woman moderating Tuesday night’s debate, he didn’t hesitate to push her around, either.

This shameful election campaign has brought America’s racist undercurrent into the open.As a voting bloc, white males are solidly behind Romney, women and racial minorities are backing Barack Obama.

If Romney wins, perhaps non-whites and women should self-deport.

Let’s see where that would leave the country.

Click here if you don’t believe Tagg wanted to punch the president.

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