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Who Really Stole America’s Jobs?

I hate to mention Donald Chump. He gets more than enough publicity without my help. But he said something during one of his multitudinous appearances on TV that got me thinking,  something so stupid that I can’t ignore it.

He said he would solve the American job-loss problem by warning China he would impose a 25 percent tax on the goods they export to the U.S. He didn’t explain how the warning would make American jobs come home.

The remark shows how little Mr. Chump knows about the way the world works. Compared to him, Sarah Palin is a sage.

First of all, China would laugh in his face. America owes the Chinese more than a trillion dollars and is set to borrow more from them.

Second, it’s not the Chinese who stole America’s jobs. It’s Americans.

American corporations operating in China.

Here’s a list. It’s almost endless.

Many of those companies used to produce stuff in the U.S. And that provided jobs for Americans.

Now they produce their stuff in China, providing jobs for the Chinese.

What happened was that the American government decided to allow American companies to move to China, make their products more cheaply there and then export them tax-free to America.

It was union busting, plain and simple.

By moving from a country where the work force was (partly) organized to a country where there are no labor unions, employers can pay employees anything they like. And you can be sure that’s not going to be much.

It’s not just China. American companies have “outsourced” their production to low-wage countries all over the globe.

What’s Mr. Chump going to say to India and Bangladesh and Taiwan and all those other “job thieves”?

The people he needs to talk to are the guys who run the corporations. And they’re the ones who fund the Republican Party. So you can bet he’ll be very polite when he talks to them.

If he tells them any nonsense about imposing tariffs on their goods, they’ll set him straight in a hurry.

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