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But Who Will Stop Cruz?


cruzAs the “Stop Trump” movement gathers steam, the Republican establishment is looking at Ted Cruz as a likely standard bearer in November’s presidential contest.

Ted Cruz!!!

These are frightening times, indeed.

When one of America’s major parties is obliged to rally behind Ted Cruz to keep Donald Trump from winning their nomination, this country is in deep trouble.

Yet even Senator Lindsey Graham, who has called Cruz every name in the book – referring to the choice between Cruz and Trump as getting shot or poisoned – is now endorsing him.

Cruz might be the most hated senator ever. And if he wins the White House, he is sure to go down in history as the most hated President ever.

He is personally unlikable – antagonistic, confrontational, mendacious and merciless.

Politically, he stands for everything divisive and dangerous, a religious zealot, an inveterate warmonger, a fiscal ultraconservative who would inflict the severest kind of austerity on Americans without the slightest twinge of compassion.

He is Trump in spades – minus the slurs and swagger.

Cruz is a fire-and-brimstone crusader whose religious beliefs are based on eye-for-an-eye Old Testament doctrine. This unyielding philosophical base drives a dangerous foreign policy approach.

Ted Cruz, Carpet Bomb, political cartoon

If you worry that there are people in the world today who hate America, you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until Cruz is America’s commander in chief!

He has assembled the most toxic crew of foreign policy advisors imaginable – including a disgraced Iran Contra conspirator, a “birther” journalist, and a right-wing nut described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the country’s most notorious Islamophobes.”

If – abetted by the “Stop Trump” conspirators – Cruz slithers into the Republican nomination, I hope and pray that Trump will run as a Third Party candidate, splitting the right wing vote and ensuring a Hillary Clinton victory.

Anything else is too frightening to contemplate.

Click for Cruz’s foreign policy crew.

Click for the “Stop Trump” movement.

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