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Why are We Bombing Syria?


You might be able to help me understand what’s going on in Syria. I just don’t get it. The Syrians are being gassed by their own government, shelled by insurgents and bombed by the US, France and Italy. Why>

From what I am able to gather down here on Post Lane, a motley crew of foreign forces have swarmed into Syria from places like Iran, Russia, Iraq, Turkey¬†and the US in a complicated shoot-’em- up that may or may not result in some kind of regime change.

A major player is ISIS, which is fighting the Syrian government, Russia, Iran and the other rebels.

So somebody – probably the Syrian government – attacked civilians with poison gas because the civilians happen to live in an area occupied by one of the rebel factions.

To “punish” the attacker, the US, France and Britain have bombed several places in Syria, probably killing a bunch of other civilians.

The bombing doesn’t seem to be part of a strategy to depose Assad – just an isolated act of random violence.

What has it accomplished? What was it expected to accomplish?

How does that change anything?

How does this “punish” Assad? If Assad needs punishing why not bomb hm?

I am bewildered. Can you set me straight?

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.Here’s one view

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