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I watched the Dolphins play today. They did not win the game. I trying to figure out why continue to watch the current South Florida sports team. The Florida Marlins were horrible. The University of Miami were horrible and did not get a bowl game. The Dolphins are horrible and will go down as one of the worst NFL teams. I won’t even talk about my beloved Miami Heat. This is one of the worst years for sports in South Florida. Why do I continue to support and watch these teams? I am a fan. Not a fair weather fan but a real fan. Like all fans I am looking for some hope when there is none. I am looking for something. Some may say it is a stretch but we fans love hope. When the Heat has blown the lead for the 1 millionth time I am looking to see if any of the young players do well. They are the future and if they play well now there is some hope. I sometimes listen to sports radio and the fans. They scream for hope. They reach for the skys with their “what if” statements. Guess what…I am one of them. What if we get a good player in the draft? What if we trade?

The Dolphins won last week was great but then they disappoint the following week against the Patriots. I did not expect them to win. I expected them to at least blitz Tom Brady on every play so that NE would get “scared” and rest their starters the last week of the season. The 1972 Dolphins hold the record for the unbeaten season. The Dolphins of today provided no hope for us fans who wanted to see that record broken. I am still going to watch and torture myself.

The one good news these past few weeks is my alumni Jamaican high school. Jamaica College, has won the Manning Cup and Oliver Shield. We were close to the Manning Cup while I when I attend school in the 1980’s. We played St. George’s College in the finals. The first match was draw. The second match we scored first and only hoped to hold on to the lead with our great defenders. It did not happen. We gave up 2 goals and lost.

There was hope that day. Our A & B basketball teams, which played on the same day we lost the Manning Cup match, won their finals match and were the champs. No one will probably remember it because football was the dominant sport back then. I still remember…I needed some hope and they provided it 🙂

It was their championship that “got me into” basketball. They won 2 years in a row.

As for my beloved Miami Heat. I always stated to everyone I wanted too see 1 championship in my lifetime. They did it in 2006. They are bad now but I just HOPE for more…

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