Why don’t we talk about RACE?


Last week I received a copy of a NewsWeek article titled “Is Your Baby a Racist“.  The article it is a great read. The main message  from the article is that if more people talked about race with their children the less the chances of stereotypes that lead to racism. It is something I have observed since I lived in America. People are scared to talk about race. I recall some my race conversations with white friends and ex-coworkers. I typically start these conversations from a current event or a joke. First there is some resistance to talking about it. The typical excuses about being comfortable with all races etc. Then when the conversations get deeper and they realize that I want to have a serious discussion things change. Most open up and talk frankly. I remember one person, in a mid-west state I visited, telling me that I was the first black person he ever had a conversation with. These conversation can be uncomfortable but I think they can be healthy.

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