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Why Have Another Debate?



I dread tonight’s “debate.” And I wonder why we the people are being subjected to another of these slugfests.

Surely we know by now what the candidates think of each other?

In a word, Hillary considers Trump “unfit.”

Trump views Hillary as “crooked.”

Do we really need to rehash Trump’s sleazy sexual history? Haven’t we heard all we want to hear about Hillary’s emails?

Does it matter what they say tonight? As the old people say in Jamaica, “words are wind.”

If they do get around to discussing actual policies, you know they’ll just be daydreaming.

Even when one of them becomes President, as one of them will, they must persuade Congress to pass the laws they keep promising. And good luck with that!

You and I know Trump’s promises are just background noise, anyway. His policies shift like a straw in the wind, varying wildly from day to day. If he were to level with us, he would just say he’ll do whatever he feels like doing on the spur of the moment.

Of course whatever he does will be catastrophic. He’s that kind of guy.

I trust Hillary to be sane. I probably won’t agree with everything she does. But I know she will not plunge the world into nuclear war. She has grandchildren to worry about, and she didn’t trigger World War III as secretary of state.

Trump? Who knows what he will do? Cozy up to Putin probably. Slash taxes for the rich. Antagonize our allies around the world. Sabotage the global economy. Stumble into war. Choose a bunch of gangsters for his cabinet…

Is there anyone on earth who is still “undecided”? Americans are already voting in some states for Heaven’s sake!

Anuglyother debate is not only superfluous, it’s also dangerous. There’s an undertow of violence in this campaign. And demonstrations are planned at the debate’s venue tonight. The last thing America needs is more inflammatory rhetoric.

So why do we have to endure 90 more minutes of crazy talk? Why do we have to look at President Obama’s half brother dragged all the way from Kenya to do what? Why do we have to listen to Trump bellowing liar, liar?

Haven’t we had enough?

But, having said all this, you know I’ll be watching the debate tonight along with millions of others. I guess I’m a sucker for punishment.

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