George Graham

Why the Tea Party Wants to Freeze the Debt Ceiling

Comments from folks like Michele Bachmann and Jim Demint illuminate the real motives behind the Republican crusade to freeze American debt and plunge the global economy into chaos. It’s a sickening revelation.

Bachmann and Demint – she leads the Tea Party in the  House and he is among the group’s Senate leaders –  suggest that America should pay its debts with the money it has on hand and let people like me go without our Social Security checks. And they also want to stiff the troops they profess so vehemently to “support.”

As I understand it, America borrows 38 cents of every dollar the government spends. And without congressional permission to borrow more money, a lot of government obligations cannot be met.

I don’t know about Demint, but Bachmann and her kin have done quite well at the public trough. Her family farm raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies and her husband’s clinic has cashed a pile of checks from Medicaid.

Now that they have filled their bellies, they want the rest of us to starve.

To me, that attitude is typical of the Tea Party. They’ve got theirs, so to hell with everybody else.

They make no secret of their selfishness. And they make no apology for it, either.

And for reasons I don’t understand they have a stranglehold on the Republican leadership.

I am also at a loss to explain why President Obama plays nice with them. They won’t ever accept him because of the color of his skin- which no amount of smiling can change.

I say it’s time to call their bluff. Keep my Social Security check. Don’t pay the troops. And cut off the rest of the government spending that keeps so many of us alive from month to month.

If that doesn’t precipitate rioting in the streets, I can’t imagine what would.

And I don’t see a whole lot of people voting for Republicans in the future.

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