George Graham

Trump Could be in Danger

The conservative propaganda machine is touting the notion that “the radical left” is plotting to assassinate Trump. But I think the president has more to fear from organized crime than from political activists.

I can’t see how American and Russian mobsters can let the Muller investigation continue. The special counsel is sure to dig up stuff the mobsters want to keep hidden. And one way of ending the investigation would be Trump’s removal.

Trump’s links to money laundering and other mob activities are no secret. Who knows what else Muller will find if he is allowed to keep digging?

And it’s not just the American mob that might want the Muller probe aborted.

Vladimir Putin is suspected of ordering numerous assassinations. Political opponents, dissident journalists and others who get in his way tend to die violently. Some deaths are made to look like accidents. Others are obvious murder.

He might be happy to keep Trump alive as long as he sees the American president as a useful pawn. But if the investigation of Trump’s past activities threatens Putin and his pals, the Russian “oligarchs” wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate Trump.

I don’t have any evidence that organized crime and the radical right are connected. But I feel in my bones that they are. I know that billionaires are funding the “conservative” revolution in America, and I suspect mob money¬†(domestic and international)¬†might support some of those propaganda web sites.

Perhaps that’s why the right-wing noise machine is fingering leftist activists as potential Trump assassins. They could be diverting suspicion from their allies in the underworld in preparation for the hit they know is coming.

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