[Editor’s Note: This one is short and spicy, but rather interesting. Who would have thought that one of the most “highly regarded” businessmen in Jamaica – and now public servant – would make such an association? One wonders why the two were acquainted, the nature of the relationship and the favours granted.

The US Embassy does a monthly activity report called Visa Viper that reviews and adds to its database of suspicious individuals. Meetings are usually held in conjunction with law enforcement representatives – e.g. Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The subject in question was submitted along with a host of others suspected of ties to terrorists/terrorism.

This meeting took place in January 2010 – a month before it was announced in the media that the visa of the person in question had been cancelled.

Mr. Chen’s visa was subsequently reissued in August of 2010.]

Time: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 17:21 UTC

ΒΆ5. (SBU) Subject #3: Wayne Christopher CHEN DOB: 02 SEP 1958 POB: JAM

Subject is alleged to be an associate of Sheik El Faisal.

Local check of Consolidated Consular Database with available information indicated the following visa record: Visa valid until April 19 2016. Recipients are requested to recheck CCD to verify.

Name: CHEN, Wayne Christopher

DOB: 02 SEP 1958


Date of visa issuance: 20 APR 2006

Type: B1 B2 Multiple entry ten year

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