WikiLeaks now touches Jamaica

The Jamaican news media is reporting on a Wikileaks cable where Cuba accuses Jamaican of not doing anything to stem the drug trade.  The narrative of the Jamaican Government being nonchalant or non-responsive is not surprising. What is interesting about the report is the spin that spreads the blame. You have to love diplomacy.  The paragraph below tells the story:

Source: Jamaican Observor

Should we decide to pursue broader counternarcotics co-operation with the GOC, MININT-DNA may be willing to attend talks with US drug authorities in concert with Jamaican authorities,” the cables read.

The document ends on a note of frustration, with the US counternarcotics officials taking note of the increasing disfavour regarding what they suggest is the ongoing nonchalance of Jamaican authorities about the trafficking of illicit narcotics in close proximity or actually to Cuba and the massive interdiction challenge it is posing for Cuban authorities.

However, in a reversion to an old stand-by anti-America position, the Cubans are noted as ultimately blaming the problem on the high demand among United States consumers for illicit narcotics.

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