With passengers like these, who needs movies??

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Old Lady on the PlaneWhat did I tell you about those New Jersey folks? The next two stories are from G, a strapping young and handsome flight attendant, was flying from Newark to Orlando.

G is in the cabin selling headsets.

Woman: “Are there any movies?”

G: “Yes, just turn to the Preview Channel to watch the previews, then you can make your purchase.”

Woman: “Well, what are the the movies?”

G: “I don’t know ma’am. Just turn to the channel 1 and you’ll see.”

Woman: “Well how I am supposed to know about the movies by watching the previews? How am I supposed to know what movies they are? That’s dumb!”

(Ummm no honey, it’s you.)

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Where's my coffee mugG was working a flight from Puerto Rico. He’s finished taking his drink orders and begins his service. A teenaged boy rings the call button (which is a no-no during service. We are already out in the aisle. )

G approaches the seat with a tray full of drinks.

Kid: “You forgot my coffee.”

G (looks at his order sheet to make sure he didn’t forget.) “You didn’t order a coffee.”

Kid (gesturing to the lady beside him.) “Yea but she has a coffee.”

G: “Again you didn’t tell me that you wanted a coffee.”

Kid: “Good point. Can I have a coffee?”

Yes, we are mind readers too. Wonder how well he’s doing in school?

The fabulous Miss S contributed this gem.

Miss S is at the front greeting passengers during boarding. The last customer boards:

Man: (handing Miss S his ticket.) “Where’s my seat?”

Hotwire Miss S looks towards to cabin then back into the cockpit then back again at the cabin. “Hmmm. Probably where everyone else is sitting.”

Man: “Huh?”

Miss S (points to the cabin) “That way!”

Dit de dee!

Ain’t that the truth!
There won’t be a blog post next week because I’m going to Hawaii for my birthday! I am so excited! I’ll take lots of pictures to share with you all. Smooches! Or should I say aloha?!!

[Editor’s Note: Have loads of fun Diana!!]

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