George Graham

With Pictures Like These Who Needs Words?

Watching MSNBC do its fair-and-balanced thing, I couldn’t help laughing yesterday when John McCain’s dimwitted spokesman, Tucker Bounds, started frothing at the mouth in righteous indignation. What was he outraged about? Barack Obama had just promised in a speech to rein in spending in Washington if he is elected President. How dare he do such a thing, Bounds wanted to know. Everybody knows that reining in spending is McCain’s strong suit! O.K., Tucker Bounds, say no more.  Let’s just take a look at the two pictures below. One shows McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, who has spent $150,000 on fancy duds (from campaign donations, according to the Republican National Committee) in the past two months. The other shows Obama’s worn-out shoes, which he already has had resoled at least once. How much has the Democratic National Committee spent to dress up Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden? The grand total so far is zero, Tucker – zilch, nada, nothing. So who do you think is more likely to rein in spending, Tucker?



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