George Graham

Women Hold the Key

“The hand that rocks the cradle” does not rule the world. But it could. And in my view the world would be better for it.

I was surprised to hear MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow declare unequivocally last night that if young women abandon their long-standing behavior pattern and vote, “Democrats will win this election.”

She was talking about Cosmopolitan Magazine’s decision to endorse candidates in the November midterms. And she was speculating that the magazine, which usually deals with issues related to the bedroom not the town hall, could motivate young women when politicians and pundits have failed.

I hope she is right. I was helping Sandra make some calls on behalf of Charlie Crist the other night, and one of the voices on the other end of the line was obviously that of a young female. Would she vote for Charlie?

“I don’t vote,” she said flatly.


“I don’t vote.”

She hung up.

Mystifying isn’t it? And disheartening. If the young women aren’t voting, progressive candidates are going to be in trouble.

Those we see on TV are different, of course, but a lot of American women seem to take a back seat when it comes to politics. So many of them – the older ones especially – leave it to the man of the house to make those decisions.

Others rely on their priests or pastors for guidance.

It’s way past time for a chnge, isn’t it? And change just might be coming.

Even in the Muslim world, where women wear veils and so on, there seems to be a ripple of change in the air.

I just read a story about Major Mariam al-Mansouri, who led the squadron of UAE fighter jets that participated in raids Tuesday against ISIS in Syria. As you can see from the photo above, the 35-year-old air force officer is a woman.

We’re talking about an Arab country here, the most male dominated society in the world.

Is this a sign of global change?

We can always hope. At least Cosmo is changing.

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