George Graham

Women’s Remarks Driving Me Away from Hillary

Chauvinistic comments by such groups as the New York Chapter of the National Organization for Women are turning me against Hillary Clinton. By saying that Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama is a”betrayal of women,” this man-hating group is forcing men and women voters into separate camps. Other spokeswomen have also chosen to misinterpret a silly photograph showing Obama facing in a different direction from Hillary Clinton. Some idiotic spokeswoman for the National Center for Women called Obama “disrespectful” in a recent MSNBC interview. How absurd!

Combined with the slick-Willie tactics of former President Clinton, such slanted comments make me acutely aware that I am not a woman and frankly would not want to be if these people are representative of their gender.

I have many reasons to vote against the Republicans in November. One very important reason is the wasteful and unjust Iraq war, which I believe was waged only to provide opportunities for certain parties to enrich themselves. But if Hillary Clinton is nominated, I may stay home and leave the women to elect her by themselves – if they can.

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