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Wooi a Jamaica birthday bash to memba fi centuries

Guddeh Oneil “Nazzleman” Scott, weh win di national popular song contest dis 2016 yah, and Big up to all royal Jamaicans. A nuff people call dih Jamaica Cultural Development Commission JCDC, but still dem nevah mek nobaddy miss nutten in a di recent celebration of di country’s Independence and Emancipation.
Ah mean to seh dih activities dem all ova dih island sell off dih memories in a real way. If yuh even guh one a di event dem weh keep cross di island you bound fih stick like glue to di tv fih ketch di schedule and some part a sinting weh kippup, an den more a di documentary dem weh show.

Storm or no storm

After di Earl storm pose a threat, dem well understand when sum people neva tunnup. All sum reporters and photographers ketch dem fraid and an miss out pon dih Gala weh dem swear seh wudda postpone. JCDC staff still guh all out fi mek sho nuttin nuh go wrong wid di event dem weh kippup storm or no storm.

Big Deal Gala

But dih Gala was a Big Deal, a sweet precious priceless Big deal pon Sattiday, August 6, 2016. A nuff tings kippup same way cross dih island, but dih National Stadium and Ranny when a carry dih swing. A deh suh fi dih Grand Gala all a dih big leagues fih di nation did go by farminality.

A suh it start 6 pon di dot, a suh dem tunnup in a orda and by that time, the Stadium did more dan half full. People siddung a wait pon dih big leagues dem.

Colonel Lemuel Lindo, Commander of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force, The Honourable Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange OD, JP(Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & sport), The Honourable Justice Zaila Rowena McCalla OJ (The Chief Justice), Her Worship The Mayor Councillor Senator Dr Angela Brown Burke (Mayor of Kingston and Saint Andrew), The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, ON, MP, (The Leader of Opposition) .. but tap she neva show at all. A dih Hon Dr Kenneth Wykeham McNeill, MD, MP, CD as Opposition Spokesman on Tourism represent well for har

So when The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, MP as the Prime Minister for Jamaica arrive the whole Stadium was in an uproar so loud that mih sure seh di people pon di outside tink a stampede a galang inna stadium. Mih seh fire tek mih belly bottom di way mih feel proud a how di people dem galang like a some cue card read fih dem get up and shout wen dem sih him. Anyway Mrs Holness was her sweet self inna her black dress and green bag.
After The Honourable Steadman A R Fuller, CD as Deputy Governor General arrive, Andrew Osbourne sounded the Abeng and the gala officially start off.

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Before dat though mih did think it start areaddy wih what di military force dem galang wid. Dem march and dem form and dem demonstrate suh much sinting and dem finally form the numba 54 cross the field.
As if to memba some a wih inna one official way seh Jamaica a fifty four as a country an a dat wih a celebrate.
Nuff said pon dat, a nuff nuff highlighting tings guddung afta di official start an a nuff time di people dem weh come full up dih Stadium couldnt keep inna dem seat.
Naw, before dat di Prime Minister and Hon Babsy Grange as Minister a Culture gih two speeches, short short and spicy spicy bad. Both a dem talk bout dih Jamaican dem weh a represent wih as Ambassadors inna di Olympics dung deh a Rio, Brazil.

Performance Time

Dis year dem have five stage suh the programme did short and spicy, a suh one performer outta di 1,000 plus run off a one stage, and anodda one just start dem ting pon anadda stage. An den no matta weh yuh did siddung, you bound fih si a good piece a di almost 20 performances. Big screens also mek people sih wah dem fi sih big big to.
Oliver Samuels, Ity an Fancy Cat, an Joan Andrea Hutchinson didda di main voices fih di night. A dem mostly kippup up di humourous side and all chat out a who a come on next.
Oneil Scott, who did win di JCDC national popular song contest in dis 2016 year, was dih fuss fuss performer and nuff flag raise wen him sing him song Nuh Weh Like Jamaica.

Lata on, dem mek him sing out most if not all a di song dem weh win through di years an a deh suh di people inna dih Stadium galang wid tings.
Especially when him touch pon di cultural ones dem – di dancehall influence won dem did nice, but Jamaicans really like di ole time favourites dem still especially Land of My Birth and Play Di Music.

Dat alone cudda lively up di gala, but odda tings mek the people dem do more dan sing and rise to dem feet a wave flag whole heap a time. Joan Andrea Hutchinson good caan dun wid dem patois poem bout Jamaica deh.
Dis year dem have five stage so the programme did short an spicy, a suh one performer outta di 1,000 plus run off a one stage, and anodda one dis start dem ting pon anadda stage. An den no matta weh yuh did siddung, you bound fih si a good piece a di almost 20 performances. Big screens also mek people sih wah dem fi sih big big to.
Oliver Samuels, Ity an Fancy Cat an Joan Andrea Hutchinson were the main voices for the night. A dem mostly kippup up di humourous side and a chat out a who a come on next.
The regular performances dem include raising of the flag,
flag display, bands, and dis year dem put in one special segment in tribute to Jamaicans down a Rio Olympics.
All di singa dem from Nexus, Carifolk Singers, Las Voicers Melodiosas rendered The National Song for schools.
Yuh shudda deddeh fi si Jamaican a dance and walk pon stilt look like real giant Jamaican simaddy a prance up and down. Although most pickney did diss want sih di section dedicate to di yout while oddas diss wait fi sih fireworks.
Odder musical interjections were by Gyptian, Nesbeth, Capleton hoo sizzled the Stadium grounds, and a few time wen singers go pon di stage at least 20 dancers rush pon di grounds an galang bawd a kippup rumpus, jumpus. Capleton hoo come on just aftah the Rasta episode, get wan personal flag salute by twenty or so dancers.
All di visiting under 19 netball team from England who get dem pixtcha tek nuff time did diddeh as special guests.

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I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College (M.E.C.); mother of three, grandmother and great grand. I love to read great books and listen to podcasts that uplift my consciousness; sharing historical view of the different shades of color, the various culture, the way we all are connected, the musical genius throughout the world and the works that are done to help us tap into ourselves and know that we are worthy. I also love to write poetry and sing. There was a moment that now phase in another aspiration of my life, I felt singing was a forum—a path to take, that helps to voice, express my thoughts, in time where I was struggling, battling something I did not understand and what I was going through; feeling unsupportive. Although, there was some support, especially from my love ones, the challenges I faced was mostly internal.
I am so grateful for the grace I have been given to be able to write my poetic thoughts, that is my freedom. I was a part of a journey that taught me lessons and motivate me that preparation is a must to face a world that may not be ready for a new rising star. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. I especially wanted to give honor to my mother who is no longer in the physical, as well as my natural father for the knowledge of health before he departed from this planet. Also, I would like to thank you my supporter for being on this journey with me even at times when the journey seems unclear. May we appreciate the blessings that has been given to us, as we continue to soar, as we reach a place of true jubilee.
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