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Yes, Obama Might Well Be in Physical Danger

My wife, Sandra, and I enjoyed a visit yesterday from Margaret Lowe and her sister Marie, who live in nearby Orlando. Margaret is a court reporter and Marie works for a resort company. They had read a column I wrote for — the one that discussed the many ethnic roots but shared culture of Jamaicans — and they wanted to get a signed copy of my new book, “The Color of Ice: A Canadian Serenade.” By the time they left, Margaret was cradling all four of my books, “Hill-an’-Gully Rider,” “Girlie” and “Jamaica Remembered” as well as “The Color of Ice.”

Margaret and Marie are young Chinese-Jamaican-Americans. Margaret explained that her name, Lowe, is an Anglicized version of a similar-sounding Chinese word.

Like most people in America today, we discussed the coming elections, and Margaret told us that the young Jamaican-Americans she met were enthusiastic Obama supporters but older Jamaicans were hesitant to vote for him. One reason: They worry that he might be assassinated if he were nominated.

Scary, isn’t it?

But we had to agree there is some merit to the concern. No one can possibly be unaware of the relentless attacks launched against Obama from so many quarters. The media, for example, have turned on him with a vengeance.

Fox News makes no secret of the fact that their objective is to destroy his chances of being elected President. CNN and MSNBC used to be fairly objective but the commentators, who shamelessly call themselves “journalists,” obviously have received orders from higher-ups to change their tune. They have joined the pack of baying curs snapping at Obama’s heels.

With character assassination so evident, why would the real thing be out of the question?

The latest criticism is that Obama is “chicken” for declining Hillary Clinton’s invitation to debate her without a moderator — mano a mano. Do you blame the man? Would you “debate” that banshee without a moderator to protect you? Judging from her recent behavior, I would not be surprised if she showed up with blazing guns and a bottle of red-eye.

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I am a Jamaican-born writer who has lived and worked in Canada and the United States. I live in Lakeland, Florida with my wife, Sandra, our three cats and two dogs. I like to play golf and enjoy our garden, even though it's a lot of work. Since retiring from newspaper reporting I've written a few books. I also write a monthly column for