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Yesterday What Can I Say

Seriously yesterday was one of those I want to scream days with my son. Picked him up from the nursery and decided to take him to the supermarket as a little outing just the two of us. Now I could have gone before I picked him up but decided to do this just the two of us. Ok. Well during the trip I had to pull a pack  of banana chips and give him as he insisted he wanted one. Then he wanted something else I had to put my foot down. Ok. It all went  fairly well until time to get back out of the cart. Oh lord the tears and screams that followed. I can’t even begin to tell you how my nerves got frazzled. Then finally we are in the car driving he realizes we are making the turn for home. More screaming. I had to stop the car and give the serious look and the behave yourself speech. When we got home he didn’t want to come out of the car.

Left him for last packed out everything out the car then proceed to get him out. Oh added to themy car was giving some trouble.

The evening had just began it was just one behaviour after the next. He is a boy and I don’t know if that’s why he plays so rough and shows no fear.

 Finally got him settled down at 7:00pm. I mean in between this when he realizes he is being bad he counts to 10 and smiles to soften me up and then hugs me etc.  Boy its rough at times.

Then after working all day and dealing with that you now have to be pleasant and nice to family members and friends that call. Its crazy. I am not married so after that its me alone most times but I can’t imagine dealing with a husband and all that comes with that after all of that. Oh God it would be hard. How do you not resent that you have been dealing with this craziness all day while your husband is what just at work. That’s it. Ok I must admit sometimes I wish my sons father could just have like a week of what I go through. Just a week. As I seem to think men think its nothing.

I am up this morning at 3:30am to begin working before he gets up at around 5am  and I am still tired. I need a mummy alone day soooooooooonnnnnn

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