Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe may have forgotten Jamaica’s help but not the people!!!

Should the people of   Zimbabwe be blamed for President Mugabe’s sterotypical statement about Jamaicans and “ganja”?  Have the people of  Zimbabwe forgotten the role Jamaican musicians like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh played in their struggle.

I think President Mugabe has but I am sure the people from Zimbabwe. I have a friend who is from Zimbabwe and he Bob Marley is a national hero there. We have had some very long conversation on Bob Marley and how he was a symbol of their struggle. He was young during the struggle however to see the admiration he has for Marley is amazing. He talks about people playing Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to uplift their spirits. He said people extremely honors that these artist wrote songs about them and their struggle. He has so many stories.  There is also one he told about the Prince Charles and Bob Marley they day of independence.  I posted the story in April of this year at this link –

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