Baby Diapers – Which One Is Best?

Ok after two kids both of which are now under age 4 I have tried every diaper on the Jamaican market trying to find one that was affordable and came as close to Huggies as possible without the price tag because as we all now no matter how its spun Huggies is the best. So I looked at how they match up to what they claim and also to see if I could cut cost by finding a diaper brand that wasn’t so heavy on the pocket yet still good. My basic way of testing them was to see which one was most absorbent and thus lasted longer thus giving me value for money. So here goes:

1. Huggies is still the best. None can compare. Expensive but worth the expense.

2. Surprisingly I discovered this  a week ago. VIP. Wow this diaper is J$686 for 30 and trust me its very absorbent. I was so so surprised.

3. Tried Pampers and was so disappointed. It’s a little cheaper than Huggies but not worth the price tag at all.

4. Lasco diapers were not bad at all.  For the price its not bad.

All other diapers like Cheekies etc. were ridiculous. These diapers had to me changing diapers like within 2 hours. They are a waste of money. Again this is my opinion.

This week I am trying a brand  named Lullabye I will give you the feedback. In the meantime I am now attempting potty training for baby number 2. Mind you baby 1 one was a big challenge.


Baby’s Got Fat

I would love to share to article from the Jamaica Observer below as it continues to be a problem in Jamaica:

Baby’s got fat

Keeping your kid at a healthy weight

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE All Woman Writer [email protected]

Monday, April 15, 2013


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IS your little kid a bit chunky? Childhood obesity continues to be a serious issue in Jamaica, with Government statistics showing more than 11 per cent of children 10 to 15 years old, and 35 per cent of teenagers between 15 to 18 years, being classified as overweight or obese.

While the Government is moving to address this issue and other lifestyle challenges through the recently established National Non-Communicable Diseases Committee, nutritionists say there is a lot parents can do from early so their children don’t become statistics.


Director of the Health Promotion and Protection Unit in the Ministry of Health Dr Kevin Harvey said an estimated 22 million children under five are deemed to be overweight worldwide. He said childhood obesity places future generations at high risk of obesity, as obese adolescents eventually become obese adults.

“Obese youths are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure,” he told Government news agency JIS recently.

“Obese youths are also more likely than those of normal weight to become overweight or obese adults, and therefore more at risk for associated adult health problems, including heart disease, type-two diabetes, strokes, and several types of cancers.”

Nutritionist and wellness coach Donovan Grant says one of the main way of controlling your child’s weight is by controlling their food intake.

He said while it is hard to control what they eat at school, parents should watch their intake at home.

“The overall idea of a successful weight loss programme is to reduce their food/calorie intake, so their bodies will use up some of the reserves,” Grant said.

He said if the child is already overweight, the parent should start by making gradual changes to the child’s eating plan.

“For example, you could reduce his/her snacks and sodas by a half. Also, instead of juices and sodas, you could give them coconut water. In addition, let them snack on fruits instead of biscuits.”

Grant said it is important that you do not take away all the things a child is accustomed to at once, but instead, do so in stages.

“You can’t be a killjoy and take away everything,” the nutritionist said. “But you have to reduce it so that the child can use up some of his/her reserves or else he/she won’t be able to lose the weight.”

Researchers have also found that children who are overweight will shed the pounds easier if their parents get in shape with them.

“The number one way in which parents can help an obese child lose weight? Lose weight themselves,” a study, which looked at parenting skills and styles, changing the home food environment, and how they impacted a child’s weight, published in the journal Obesity last March, stated.

The study, by researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and The University of Minnesota, looked at 80 parent-child groups with an eight to 12-year-old overweight or obese child. The researchers found that it was only when the parents slimmed down that the children consistently did likewise.



Interesting Stories on the web This Week

Take time out of your week to give these links a click:



Wow 2013!!!

OK I have not written a line in months. Why??? Raising two kids is hectic and running a business on top of it will just kill you. People don’t tell you of this. I am tired all the time and there is a serious lack of sleep.

Despite this we are all doing well and I have to give thanks for the good health of my children thus far. I am making a promise to write more often.


Adele Expecting First Child

Breaking News from People. See below:

Adele Expecting First Child

AKM-David Fisher/Rex USA

Chasing babies and rolling in diapers? That’s the plan for Adele!

“I’m delighted to announce that Simon [Konecki] and I are expecting our first child together,” the Grammy winner, 24, writes in a post on her website titled, “I’ve Got Some News.”

“I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx”

The singer/songwriter was first photographed with 38-year-old Konecki — who is divorced with a daughter — in January. In February, he accompanied her to the Grammys, where Adele went six for six in her nominated categories for 21.

Later that month, the singer told PEOPLE that her goal was to have three sons by the age of 30. “I really want to be a mum,” she said. “I better start getting on with it!”

– Sarah Michaud


Current and Upcoming Movies For Kids

Wow I found this great site that lists all the upcoming movies. See their list below:

June 2012




July 2012




August 2012





September 2012



October 2012


November 2012




December 2012


Summer Holiday Is Here!!!!

Summer is here and schools are on summer break so what do you do with those kids??? There are a number of summer programs that are available. Below is a list of some:

1. All schools have summer programs. So you can check out the program at your school to see if it suits your needs.

2. Edna Manley does have a wide variety of programs available from 4 years old and up. Its hard not to find one that will suit you. Based on experience though, pick up in the afternoons can take a while as there is one way in one way out. So if you are leaving work to pick up to get back to work be prepared.

3. The YMCA’s usually offer some swimming programs in the Summer

4.  Ballaz International: Have summer programs as well as Football- Player Development Saturday Morning Programmes; 876-527-2255; [email protected]

5. Kids & Teen Photography Day Camp – The summer school is tailored for photography enthusiast or just pre-teen and teens who love to take pics but want the pics to look great.  It will involve lessons on learning the camera and all its controls,  exposures, framing or composition etc. Lots of exciting lessons, lots of shoots and portfolio building and some outdoor field trips excursions. It will be from July 2-20 Mon-Thursdays 9-1 at Calling The Shots studio at 2 Grove Manor Mews. Its $6000 per week. Our number is 876-8683131for more information.

6.  Check this link for a list of summer programs available in Jamaica


Soy Formula’s

What I have discovered is that every baby is not the same.  What applies for one child might not apply for the other even though they are related. My toddler had soy  formula and there were no issues with my baby now the soy formula I used with my 2-year-old is constipating him.

The key to formulas is when first trying buy a small tin as it just might not work.