George Graham

Scary Enough for You?

This is the scariest Halloween yet. I’m not talking about the noisy “Hellbound” show the church next door insists on having at this time every year.

Or the affidavit Sandra just had to have notarized  to convince Capital One that she didn’t apply for their credit card (someone using her ID applied for a slew of credit cars and had them forwarded to Miami).

It’s actual physical harm I’m worried about.

There’s that crazy Kim Jong-un threatening to incinerate us, and that crazy Trump daring him to try.

And how about the Mueller investigation?

Mueller is beginning to turn over some nasty rocks, and what he’s finding is enough to scare anyone.

With charges filed against a former Trump campaign manager and his aide, and a Trump campaign advisor pleading guilty to lying to investigators, we’re getting close to a showdown.

And that could be ugly.

You can bet Trump isn’t going to wait for the noose to tighten around his neck. He will do something desperate – start a nuclear war with North Korea to distract us, for example.

Or fire Bob Mueller,.

If he fires Mueller, Congress might finally give Trump the boot. And his followers will not take that peacefully. They will take to the streets.

With guns.

What if the Republican controlled Congress refuses to get rid of Trump?

That would also trigger violent protests.  I understand a violent left-wing group called Antifa is preparing for armed resistance.

Either way, the prospect is scary.

Will armed thugs come marauding down Post Lane? Will they torch our house?

I know it sounds crazy, but these are crazy times.

If Trump fires Mueller

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