George Graham

Why Aren’t You Running?



If you were born in the USA – and even if you were born abroad with American parents – you can run for President. And why not?

This is a free country. You’re free to make a fool of yourself.

And, as they say in Jamaica, one fool makes many. You might get others to vote for you.

Who knows? You might even win the primary. Even the general election.

Imagine that. You could be President.

You might even make a good President.

Better than Carly Fiorina, I’m sure.

Better than Donald Trump.

Better than Ben Carson.

Better than Scott Walker.

Better than Mike Huckabee.

Better than Jeb Bush.

Better than Bobby Jindal. And Ted Cruz. And Rand Paul. And Marco Rubio…

Better than any of those eager candidates who are clamoring for nomination as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate.

So many Republicans want to be the party’s flag bearer that participation in the primary debates is being limited to the top ten candidates in the polls. (CNN is having a special debate for candidates who don’t make the top ten.)

What makes these folks more electable than you?

As far as I can see, it’s money. They have access to deep pockets. Some billionaire somewhere has an agenda in mind and tapped one of these folks to do his bidding.

So how about you? Surely you can dig up a billionaire and offer your services to him?

It’s the American way.

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